Best apps like Mobdro to watch movies and TV shows

Entertainment is changing its shape and size in the form of apps and now it has become just a matter of one click. Mobdro is an entertainment platform, where people can watch live TV programs on this app. It is one stoppage for getting variety of things, means you can watch movies, Tech, gaming, anime, music, sports, animals and spirituals too. On this app, your experience would be nice because all the famous TV shows are here and language is not an issue here on this app because you can watch that too in ten different languages. If you are looking forward to know about the best apps like mobdro, then you can have a look at below.

Some best alternatives of Mobdro

But just in case, if you cannot find out mobdro then you can surely go for another option which is as follows.

Exdous Live TV App

Well, Exodus is one of the best apps for watching live TV for free. The interface is damn awesome and the quality which they offer is obviously best. Although, this app is absolutely free, but it runs and you have to deal with that. But if you are looking for ad-free version then you will be charged for this.  The perks of these things are as such religious, News, movies etc.  You are free from buffering, advocates HD quality, simple in user-interface and simple navigation and free account, no sign up is required.

YouTube TV

Here your deal will be like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and many other networks, this offer will be never regretting, so here you can get around about 60 channels. This has majorly divided entertainment into different category where you can choose yours and find peace there. For information, AMC, BBC, NAT GEO, IFC, BBC America and many other channels streams here.

Live net TV

Well, Mobdro App is one of the best deals which can be cracked that too for free. Live TV, movies, sports all are at one place and you can watch it according to your convenience and nothing seems more grateful than this.  Live Net TV is one of the trusted sources which runs in major countries such as turkey, Pakistan, India, Ira, Middle Eastern countries and many more like that. Can you imagine more than 700 hundred channels run on it and you get to see everything right here whether it is in high-quality Live TV stream support. The interface is one of key thing of this app and all the videos are absolutely free! Filter option is given, so it can be shifted according to convince and anyone before desires to see in their comfort zone they could.

TV Catch-up

Have you ever heard about TV Catch-up, if not then this is the right time to listen about it and try it out. It is United Kingdom based satellites, but this does not mean it would restrict you from anything, from watching your favourite movies to feeding yourself with news. Well, this is one of the expensive reasons, this app is so much into news because of the service it is ready to provide. You can run UK based channels on your mobile phone with the help of your App. This app let you stream Free to air channels at free of charge. TV catch up will also keep you free of ads and the only advice for this app is that it is one of the best apps for watching Live TV content from the UK.


The name of this app is already in the news and people are already trusted about this app. It has so much to give besides just channels and it has stuffs like quality. Well, Music, TV, movies and programming. You can even install the IPTV add-on by this name cCloud TV on kodi.


It is a number one app in the list of people and it is quite affordable. Well, in my perception I have not found anything best than Netflix, yet this is the best option. It has actually two versions android and iOS which is for smart phone users and they can choose according to their convenience. Movies, webs series, TV shows, videos and the content which Netflix provides the best and people would love it for sure. The one thing which must be known by the users that it is not permitted for every country and the other thing is that it comes under paid apps. But picking this up is surely not regretting and surely having good time.


Hotstar is also one of the alternatives of mobdro and it is quite one of those good picks like Netflix. Although, we cannot compare it completely with Netflix, but it is surely one of own kind of choice.  It is also let you watch some of its free stuff unlike Netflix. And you can decide whether it is right kind of content for you or not. Hotstar is also known for watching movies, TV shows of all kind and enjoying your time. It has both kind of version paid and unpaid.


It is also one of those choices where people never regretted and it has also services like movies, sports, E-book which an additional feature and I guess no other apps have. Enjoy all kind of entrainment watching movies and reading a lot.


These apps are little bit of compensation of Mobdro and the best thing which you can have here is enjoy everything. You have all the details with beautiful deals and there are both of kinds paid and unpaid. Well, you can pick after your choice. These are some of the best apps like mobdro at one place with such a clear explanation where you can decide what to pick up and what to skip. Interface of these apps is easy. For information, quality is the best and channels in numbers are more than you would have asked for and the content is just awesome. So, what are you waiting for just hurry up.

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