List of SIM Service Providers in India

The SIM service providers or mobile network operators in India will offer data services & wireless communications to customers. Airtel India is one of the best and most popular telecommunications network providers. They are also the second biggest and best SIM Service providers in India. Idea Cellular and Vodafone India are merging in India to become the largest SIM service providers. Currently, Huawei is also planning to launch its 5G network services in India.

Best SIM Service Providers

Find below the list of the best SIM Service providers in India for your reference:


BSNL is one of the most popular and best SIM service providers in India. This is a government-owned service provider apart from the other privately-owned network providers. This is one of the oldest communication providers and network providers in India. Numerous million subscribers are currently available but still, it started declining revenue due to private network providers. They are also a fixed telephony provider and the largest broadband service provider in India.

BSNL offers the best coverage area for its subscribers. If users can’t purchase a 4G data plan then they can utilize the affordable pricing of 3G or 2G service. Moreover, speed is another concern for this service provider. Private network service providers will offer the best speed for retaining their customers. The website design is also outdated and a little bit hard process for recharging your SIM card.


  • The same pricing to use both 3G or 2G Internet data
  • Good coverage area across the country
  • Affordable pricing
  • Convenient recharge plans are available


  • Poor Customer Care support
  • They offer only low speeds


Jio from Reliance Telecom Mobile network is another best SIM Service providers in India. This is the most profitable and largest companies available in India. Instead of providing 3G or 2G data, they offer an LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Network. This wireless communication type delivers high-speed access and also used for Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Jio’s official website is very much attractive and also intuitive. The most popular website accessed by numerous users across the Indian nation.

It will display the plan comparisons, offers, promotional discounts, latest recharge plans, and also basic information. The website will display the entire recharge plans for both post-paid and as well as pre-paid customers. It is also possible to purchase international roaming packs and also top-up your main account balance. Make use of Jio devices for both data and voice-over utilization. Jio’s official website will assist you to locate the nearest Jio store, receive a new SIM card, and download apps.


  • An excellent website to access
  • Free apps
  • 4G service launched with numerous efforts
  • Voice calls are free without any fee


  • They should improve the voice call quality
  • 3G or 2G plans are not available at affordable pricing

Idea Cellular

Vodafone India and Idea Cellular are currently within the merging process to groom themselves as the largest network provider. However, it is still working out to create a large margin. As of now, Idea Cellular is operating its own network. Both revenue and income are on the declining process. The past few years ago, Idea is another most popular SIM service provider in India and utilized by numerous subscribers.

However, it was overtaken by Vodafone India & Airtel India service providers. Idea Cellular is also another largest network with numerous million subscribers to its network. They are pan-integrated and offer services like 4G, 3G, & 2G mobile internet.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Good Internet speed
  • 4G internet connectivity is also available
  • Good signal coverage both in Urban & Rural areas


  • Not widespread signal coverage
  • Declining revenue


Vodafone is another best mobile network provider & SIM service provider in India. The official website is much easier to access & also to use. You can numerous prepaid recharge options or packs available to select. Input your valid mobile number, choose your recharge plan or pack, and increase the balance amount on your phone. Users can also choose their preferred internet packs for the huge collection. Based on your requirements, you can choose a small 150MB plan or 4GB plan or even a 6GB plan. 

The validity options for each recharge plan or pack may vary from 1 day up to a maximum of 28 days. Even at affordable pricing, you can purchase the “Supernight” or “Superhour” packs for getting unlimited internet access for one hour. Vodafone India, a multi-national British Company operating in numerous countries around the world. They have more than 200 million users across the Indian country.


  • Good connectivity and speed
  • Prepaid recharge has numerous options to select
  • It is much easier to access or use the website
  • Trusted and as well as well-established


  • They don’t offer larger plans
  • Expensive pricing

Airtel India

Airtel India is another biggest SIM service provider & mobile network provider with having numerous million users. Many users across the Indian country had already subscribed as an Airtel Premium user. They offer numerous recharge plans for both postpaid & prepaid customers. If you recharge for Rs. 299 then they will offer unlimited calls facility with 28 days validity. They may also provide 1.4GB data usage per day along with 100 SMS.

For Rs.495 recharge, you can extend the offer to 84 days validity. If you prefer to utilize for 90 days validity then recharge for Rs. 559. Airtel India offers the best service named the “Airtel Money” feature. This is a savings Airtel bank account linked to your mobile number for internet broadband and online bill payment. Airtel offers good connectivity along with a fast internet connection.


  • Website & Customer support are much easier to use
  • Coverage & Connectivity are great
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Operation based on innovative
  • Most profitable & largest telecom service provider in India


  • Not the fastest internet speed
  • Online prepaid recharge has only limited options


There are numerous best SIM Service providers in India. You can refer to the above-mentioned guide to understand the most popular service providers for your assistance. Each service provider will offer unique features to its users. Hence, it is advisable to choose the best SIM service provider for access.


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