Top features of GBWhatsapp you don’t know

Negotiation between GBWhatsApp and Whatsapp is now the discussion over coffee. Now the world is moving towards the digital world and people are looking every time for the good and best. Whatsapp on the other hand, handing over people a handful of opportunities to get connected with each other. It is into the existence since long and with time we have witnessed its transformation and reach.

“There was a time when keeping a connection had to pass letter days. Though, I still believe in those were the most wonderful days and I still do it. But since WhatsApp arrived, letters in the post box was hardly found. But whereas, we see there are numbers of features in the Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp has some more additional features.


The setting is one of thing which people always look for with convenience. GBWhatsApp is permitting its user for hiding their informative information. Interestingly, it is going to be quiet useful and you can literally hide your personal and informative information. You can hide any activity on WhatsApp. You have even option of blue tick and if you want you can literally hide you see status or not. So it has its own kind of profits.

Better control over your activities

These online platforms really need disciplined actions otherwise, it may even eat your time and privacy too. Here, you can wonderfully customize, apply different themes, icon according to your choice. You can as do setting and have more control over your activities. GBWhatsApp has become a favourite of people because of so many reasons. It has a wide diversity custom theme for the look of the app. It has a notification icon too. So in short, you are on the way to wonder and you are way too close to maintain privacy with this version.  You are even allowed to create your own customized theme. You can even get alert when your friend is changing their display picture. You will even not need any waiting line to talk you will get notified easily.

GBWhatsApp a door to more

Apps are all about what more you discover and what more you need. That is why this app is way more convenient and diverse. You can do more here, you can send it more and you can write here more. Means by having the control you will be exposed to more features and that would be an addition to your usage.

Enjoy more

This app is going to offer many for more and more. In the company of more movies, you can even change time, hide online status or double click. You can even copy status, it also permits towards dual and various of WhatsApp account. You are allowed to send larger videos, audios and images. 

Advantages of having more featured WhatsApp

To know this, let’s go back a few years back when this WhatsApp thing was newly wedded bride to the world of social media. It was not that hot and happening then but it was still favourite of many. Earlier no one had thought of something so cheap and so simple to find the connection. I have read many posts regarding cursing social media and connection but this is not bane rather it is a boon. It is boon for those who are looking for some better and cheap connection in this faded world.  But back then, it was the first time when calling was free, it only cost your internet connection. Then you were just a call away from the world and it allowed people to call across the world. WhatsApp knew no corner and it remained unbiased. And with time it kept on pushing its limit then WhatsApp video calling has been produced and then group voice call. And now we are even video calling in the groups. This has become a boon and set an example for many.

Even those days, our video calls and voice call was all free across the world. With time they worked towards better connection and way easier for people. Who would have thought then about video calling and who would have thought about free things? Yes, this happened and then GBwhatsapp happened and this lets people have more convenience. When everyone was ready to enjoy free calls and free video calls then this came GB WhatsApp and it brought some more features. And that feature is better known as the setting (those blue ticks, hiding status), more customized themes. You can literally now play with your WhatsApp.

Difference between WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

There is a slight difference between both. But you still are worrying way more thAn it is about customization. Customization helps people in enjoying and having more control over their own stuffs. From here, you can do anything on your WhatsApp. You can even do video calls in a group and you can even voice call. That is free of cost and that makes your experience even more wonderful. It even now allows people from hiding their status or hiding they are seeing others status. Earlier this status system was not there but since it came. It has made things way easy.


You can literally decide, it has numerous advantages of having a broadcast message up to 600 people at one time. It even allowed people to send various of groups same message at one time. This has so many other things which are quite commendable. On the other hand, you are even allowed to write status containing lines of 255 characters.  Process of downloading is way easier and you can just do it from google play store. Start maintaining your privacy and enjoy your time with WhatsApp, call whoever you want, video call, get connected with your dear and near ones. You can literally customize your WhatsApp according to your convenience and choice. For more information stay connected.


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