How to install free fire for PC without BlueStacks

We all know, in Mobile gaming community free fire is creating a place which cannot be beaten up by any another game. This game lets a player feel exciting and enjoyable at the same time. Timely updates are coming which add on certain features in it. In lockdown days as well this game is sitting at the top and for getting this game people were looking forward to free fire for PC without BlueStacks.

If you also hit in the same category where people are looking forward to getting available with free fire for PC without BlueStacks then you are on the right page.

Here in this article, we will be going to discuss free fire in detail and also about free fire for PC without BlueStacks. After digging out this article till the last, you have all the details are available and you can play this game easily and efficiently.

How to play free fire on PC without BlueStacks?

Prime OS

Whenever you wish look forward to play free fire for PC without BlueStacks, it is important for you to get available with Prime operating system. It is one of the best Android system available and allow you to play this game easily without BlueStacks. It will be going to act as Android emulators.

The steps you need to use for installing Prime OS includes:

  1. Primarily, download Prime OS from the official website
  2. Install and setup it
  3. Reboot and select Prime OS between the operating systems installed at the system
  4. Now it will take a few minutes for setting up
  5. After it, you can go to the Google Play Store and login there with your id.
  6. Now you are ready to install free fire for PC from the Play Store App easily.

Memu play

Apart from Prime OS, Memu play also hits in the category of best Android Emulator available and this will allow you to play free fire for PC easily. Moreover, you will get surprised to see that after getting it available it provide you with enormous features as well.

Steps for downloading through Memu play:

  1. From the official website, get available with Memu play on your PC
  2. The .Exe setup files for this Android Emulator will get downloaded in your device.
  3. Now install it.
  4. If the same is not available you can go forward to the downloading link available for Android Emulator
  5. After getting available with it, you can set up on your PC.
  6. After setting up on your PC, open the Memu play on your PC
  7. Now browse through the category and get available with free fire for PC without BlueStacks easily.

ARC welder extension

ARC welder extension is also a right one for you to choose whenever you wish to get available with free fire for PC without BlueStacks. For the same you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Primarily, it is important for you to open the Google Chrome and install the ARC welder extension.
  2. After installing it, add to the Chrome extension is there within a while the downloading will start.
  3. Now use the extension like the emulator and Run all the Android applications and games.
  4. After the installing of ARC welder is complete, refresh the browser by closing and opening it.
  5. There will be a tab appear at the left.
  6. Enable it.
  7. After enabling it to choose a saving destination in D drive as well.
  8. Now allow free fire PC version to download.
  9. As soon as the downloading will get completed you will be able to play it. Now it is important for you to at the game through ARC welder.
  10. Now click on the test button and enjoy the game.

These are the considered methods through which one can get available with free fire for PC without BlueStacks easily. It is the best game for you to consider because it allows you to play according to your wish and being a player you have the choice is in which game loop you want to be the part of.

Moreover, the features available in this game are so exciting that you cannot let yourself stay away from it for a while at all. You just need to understand that you are following the direct procedure and not interrupting it with at all. In case you have done the same with it then you will not be able to get access over free fire for PC without BlueStacks at all.


Free fire is a battlefield game and this will allow you to face the hurdles as you want. The gameplay is so interesting that after starting playing this game you will get mesmerized and will not feel like leaving this game in between.


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