Summertime Saga Torrent for Android and its characters

Summertime Saga is one of the best and most popular high-quality adult orientated dating simulator games. Patreon Backers had currently funded and developed this game. It is based on a small suburban town, where a young man struck after his father’s death and just started his college life. There are numerous circumstances based on his father’s death and various problems learned about the debt of shady criminals.

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This game features more than 65 characters to interact with and as well as meet with, 20+ mini-games, 30 unique locations, and each update added with new content for hours. You can download the Summertime Saga Torrent file from various torrent websites to offer exclusive rewards like upcoming scene spoilers, discord rewards, in-depth development review, upcoming content on a vote, wiki access & bug tracker, private download servers, and many more.

Summertime Saga Characters

Main character

Summertime Saga game incarnate with the players of the main character and the name was chosen by each player during the game start. He is the protagonist around whom the multiple stories are being written, but also the narrator of these events. His only known family relationship is his deceased father. The main character is a slim teen of average height with short brown hair and grey eyes.

He appears heavily endowed in his private parts, to the point of arousing a certain curiosity among those who witness it. He displays no frivolity and is satisfied with a plain white T‐shirt and orange shorts.


Father is the only name given to the main character’s father. Rare old photos show him as a middle‐aged man wearing a mustache and with an obvious physical similarity with his son.


Diane is Debbie’s close friend. She is a well‐stacked woman, with grey eyes and short hair. Her gardening outfit will includes the tan garden gloves, sturdy overalls under the white shirt, matching purple earrings, purple ribbon with canvas sunhat, and also wide-brimmed with cream-colored fashion.


Jenny is another paying guest for Debbie and also the main character’s same house was shared by her. She represents herself as a goddess of a 24-year old, curvaceous figure, and a pretty tall girl. The most prominent feature of the E-cup chest will make her butt to appear so slim. Her self-confidence will showcase only with purple panties and a light-blue T-shirt.


Debbie is another main character who resides in the same house and also a lessor. She is with grey eyes, medium-length brown hair, and busty mature women. She always appears in a purple ample gown and panties to cover her body with natural state and much more to reveal.


Aqua is a secret character. Also, said to be an amphibious monster girl. Her appearance is that of a young human‐like fish creature: blue skin, yellow eyes, greenish hair made of tentacles, pointed ears, and of course webbed appendages. Her nipples point outward in opposite directions. She is naked at all times.


Daisy is a secret character. She is also referred to as an anthropomorphic cow with hooves, horns, and long tail. This creature is more noticeable with her two large drooping ears. Apart from these specificities, the rest of the body is closer to that of the human being. Her skin is brindled, and she has brown eyes and chestnut hair. Similar to Aqua, she is always naked.

Summertime Saga Cookie Jar

The Summertime Saga cookie jar allows the players to check and replay the scenes already unlocked. You can access the same from this game’s main menu. Some scenes are automatically unlocked when playing different routes; others require independent steps to be followed. The last sex scenes with the school teachers have to be played twice in order to be unlocked in the cookie jar.

Summertime Saga Torrent Game

This game is currently available with free download from the Summertime Sage Torrent websites. If you prefer to subscribe for a monthly subscription then you can opt to get the Summertime Saga latest version game to play. You can refer to the Patreon-only feed posting or reading, Darkcookie video stream to understand the content progression to appreciate with financial assistance.


  • Exhibitionism, Muscle Girl, Gloryhole, Toys, Glasses.
  • Librarian, Latex, Nurse, Public Sex, Trap.
  • Group FF/M & MM/F, Monster Girl, Vanilla M/M, Anal, Vanilla M/F.
  • Spanking, Mild BDSM, Milking, Breastfeeding, Impregnation.
  • Voyeurism, Milf.
  • After completing the town development, you can expand the potential universe.
  • Triggered censored with options on adult scenes.
  • The monetary system, energy, and stats.
  • 50+ characters to meet and interact with.
  • Visit numerous locations.
  • Summertime Saga Mia Donuts are available for the players to utilize during the gameplay.
  • Explore the list of available active maps across the game.
  • You can also progress your game levels by playing the available mini-games.
  • It allows the users to complete the three main plot quests.
  • Renpy Engine powered this game.
  • Enhanced experience with the assistance of mini-games and cut scenes.
  • Quest progression and dating simulator stats.
  • The game progression with visual novel.

Summer Time Saga Game Features

Find below a list of features offered within the Summertime Saga game:

  • You can find the expansion of storytelling and as well as the universe; you can find numerous locations and able to unlock by having different achievements.
  • Make use of the dating system feature that allows the players to date within the game.
  • You can also find numerous mini-games available to increase your achievements easily.
  • The amazing beach houses experience can be gained during the game. The players can also purchase a beach house once to sleep and have a peaceful stay within the house.
  • The game feature will allow the player to know their game progress and also keep tracking their achievements using the Progress bar.
  • It is not required to worry to save the game progress or appropriate game locations. This game includes a new Autosave feature to save each location even when it is changed.
  • The main motive of this game is to date during the play.
  • The available mini-games can be played at any time to enhance your achievements.
  • The surprises are located within the game to unlock each location and make the gameplay more interesting.

Download & Install the Summertime Saga APK Android

If you prefer to spice up while playing other romance or mini-games then it is advisable to download a few cool games such as the Summertime Saga game. You can follow the below-provided instructions for Summertime Saga Torrent download and install the same Android APK app:

  • You can download the Summertime Saga Torrent APK game file from available reliable sources or trustworthy websites.
  • Download and save the APK file to your Android mobile phone.
  • The downloaded APK file will be available under the Downloads or File Manager folder.
  • Before installation, you need to change your device settings option.
  •  Access the General settings and navigate to the Security tab.
  • Scroll down the page and enable the feature named “Unknown Sources”.
  • Press the Ok icon to save the Settings option.
  • Press the Install button to proceed further with the installation process of Summertime Saga Torrent APK file.
  • After installing the APK file, you can press the Open icon (that is located near the right-hand bottom side screen corner) to access the game.

Once it is done, you can start playing this dating simulator game to explore numerous locations, mini-games, various characters to meet & interact with during the game.

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