Vudu TV APK Download on Android and Kodi in 2020

Vudu TV is one of the best and most popular online TV show & movie rental services and as well as a former manufacturer of set-top boxes. The company had stopped manufacturing the set-top boxes earlier after the acquisition of Walmart (Retail Mogul) in 2010. However, they are still able to provide internet streaming services to its users. It includes numerous ranges of titles to rent individually with various recent TV shows and movies.

vudu tv apk 2020

In case if you do not prefer to utilize a subscription service or an expansive library then you can opt for this ideal service to watch or stream any certain TV shows or movies. This Walmart-owned on-demand online video streaming service will allow the users to watch their preferred TV shows & movies. You can stream the movies or TV shows through selective home-theater components, smart TVs, and media streaming devices using the Vudu TV APK app. It is also possible to download and store your favorite movie to a hard drive.

Vudu TV Features

Find below the list of features offered by Vudu TV APK app:

Seamless Integration Vudu app is supported and compatible with the Google Chromecast device. Instead of streaming the movies on your mobile phone screen, you can watch the movies using your home television set.

Turning into Digital – If you have a movie with a physical copy then within a one-click feature, you can convert the disc into digital format by scanning the UPC and transfer them into digital formats. It is much easier to download and watch movies & TV shows offline.

No Subscription – It is not required to process the payment for the entire catalog of Vudu movies and TV shows. You are allowed to choose your preferred shows and just pay for the same.

Watch Offline – After renting or purchasing the TV show or movie, the Vudu TV app will allow you to download or store the video content on your mobile phone. It is not required to utilize any flimsy Wi-Fi signal to watch or stream the video content anymore.

Vudu Free Movies – The Vudu exclusive will allow you to watch or stream numerous TV shows or movies with short & limited commercials (advertisements) without processing the payment.

Install Vudu TV APK on Android Device

Find below the instructions to install the Vudu TV APK on your Android device:

If this is the first time, you are trying to install any applications from 3rd party or reliable sources then your device may block the installation. Access the Settings option to turn on the Unknown Sources feature on your Android mobile device. The new version of Android OS will allow you to turn on the Installation process from the Unknown Sources to grant permission for installing the applications. Once it is done, you can install the application to access the features seamlessly.

Please, open up a web browser (either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and find the Vudu TV APK latest version file. Then, download the same to your Android device. Now, access the Downloads or File Manager folder for accessing the downloaded APK file. Choose the appropriate MovieFlix APK file to install the same. Follow the basic instructions to finish the process. After the successful installation, you can enjoy watching the Vudu free movies on your Android device.

Install Vudu TV APK on Kodi Application

Follow the below-provided steps to install the Vudu TV APK app on your Kodi application:

Step 1

  • Launch the Kodi application on your device.
  • Access the Settings icon (a gear icon that is located near the top-left screen corner) on your home screen.
  • Navigate to the System Settings option.
  • Choose the Add-ons sub-menu from the left-hand side screen and turn on the Unknown Sources option.
  • When prompted, tap the Yes icon to continue.
  • This feature will allow the installation from third-party or any unknown sources on your device.
  • Return to the Kodi home screen and choose the Add-ons section.
  • Access the Add Source option from the File Manager menu.
  • Scroll down the options and select Add Source.
  • Again, you can see a pop-up message requesting to add the appropriate file source.
  • Choose the None option.
  • Input the Vudu Repo (repository) Kodi add-on URL and tap the enter key.
  • Now, provide your preferred file source name as Vudu and press the Ok icon.
  • Once it is done, the file source will be added.

Step 2

  • Return to the Kodi application’s main screen and access the System Settings section that is located near the top left-hand side screen corner.
  • Access the Add-ons section and choose the appropriate installation process using the zip file.
  • Input your preferred Add-on name and choose the already created file source (i.e. Vudu) and tap the file source.
  • Now, choose the appropriate zip file from the Repo (repository) for installation.
  • Within the pop-up message, choose the correct Repo file (repository).
  • Now, select the option to install the file from repo (repository).
  • Then, navigate to Video Add-ons and choose the file source (Vudu) and hit the Install icon.
  • It is advisable to choose the latest version of the Vudu repo file for installation.
  • Once it is done, you can access the Add-ons under the Videos menu and choose the Vudu to display on your home screen.
  • The additional or supportive add-ons will also install alongside with the Vudu Kodi add-on.
  • After installation, you can start to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Install Vudu TV APK on Firestick or Fire TV

Follow the below-provided steps to install the Vudu TV APK app on your Firestick or Five TV application:

Step 1

  • Access the Settings option from the Home menu.
  • Choose the Developer Options within the My Fire TV sub-menu.
  • Tap the Apps option and enable the Unknown Sources feature.
  • Return to the main screen and access the Search icon.
  • Input the keyword “Downloader” beneath the keyboard option.
  • Choose the appropriate Downloader app and press the Download button.
  • Access the Downloaded file to allow for installation.
  • Input the appropriate web URL under the textbox and hit the enter key.
  • It will redirect to the official website to view the Vudu TV application.
  • Tap the option named “Vudu TV for Firestick or Fire TV”.
  • Then tap the Download File icon to download the Vudu TV APK file.

Step 2

  • Once it is done, you can press the Install icon.
  • Now, press the Delete icon to remove the old or earlier installation.
  • Again press the Delete icon.
  • Return to the main screen and access the See All icon within the “Apps & Channels” menu.
  • Now, choose the Vudu app and select the option named “Move to front” within the Options icon.
  • The Vudu TV app will be automatically moved to the “Apps & Channels” menu.
  • The Vudu TV app installation is successful on your Firestick or Fire TV device.

However, while accessing the Vudu TV app, the users are prompted to register or sign-in using their existing account for access.

Vudu Account – Sign Up Process

It is much easier to sign up or register for a Vudu account. You can sign up for an account through the official website or the Vudu TV app. Follow the below-provided steps to create a Vudu TV account using the Firestick application:

  • Access the Vudu TV app or official website on your mobile device and press the Sign Up icon.
  • Input your valid email address along with the respective password and press the Continue icon.
  • A welcome message will be automatically forward to your registered email address for authentication.
  • Once it is done, you can access the Sign In icon that is located near the upper right-hand side screen corner.
  • Hit the Sign In icon.
  • Again input the same valid email address and respective password.
  • After successful login, you can view your registered email address displayed on your Vudu account.
  • It is advisable that within your account settings, you need to update the account or payment information before purchasing or renting the TV shows or Movies.

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